Let’s discuss our autumn and winter checklist. These are the things you should think about to secure your home and make sure it’s prepared for the colder months. Every year we have such a huge change in seasons, that’s why people move or visit here. Many people move here saying they had no seasons where they’re from, and they love them in Utah! The issue is that sometimes those seasons can be harsh. 

Here are my tips for preparing your home for autumn and winter: 

1. Clean gutters and downspouts. We don’t want them clogging, freezing, or causing more issues on our property.

2. Change the filter on your HVAC system. Every third month, I recommend you change the filter. Keep your home healthy. As seasons change and we’re spending more time indoors, make sure you’re breathing healthy air!

“As seasons change and we’re spending more time indoors, make sure you’re breathing healthy air!”

3. Seal doors and windows. Make sure critters can’t get inside. When it’s cold, they gravitate toward the heat of your home. Also, you don’t want a draft, or you’ll spend more money trying to heat your home. You can weatherstrip or caulk the doors and windows. 

4. Winterize your pipes, hoses, and spigots. Plumbing freezes, but you can winterize your home at any time— it’s never too late. Remove the outdoor hoses from the spigots, otherwise, your pipes will freeze. 

5. Seal off your chimney and attic. You can easily buy grates at hardware stores to make sure mice and squirrels can’t get in. One of our neighbors even had a raccoon enter their house! These small things will save you in the long run. Taking care of these will eliminate future issues. 

6. Prepare your yard for spring now. Roots are moving into the ground further in autumn, so it’s a great time to fertilize for springtime. 

As you do these autumn and winter chores to prepare, be thorough, and if you need a checklist we have one we would be glad to send you. We’re here to help!

If you need anything or have any questions, reach out by phone or email, we would love to speak with you.