Today, I’ll be going over what you should expect from the home inspection process.

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What should you expect during an inspection?

First of all, there are three general types of inspections: a surface inspection, an in-depth inspection, and a professional inspection.

A surface inspection is a basic walkthrough of the home. When this kind of inspection is performed, the inspector is looking for anything that might interfere with the property in terms of safety or stability. Things like burn marks, mold, or other physical identifiers of poor condition.

Surface inspections are only done about 10% of the time. Frankly, these kinds of inspections miss quite a few things, since they aren’t conducted by a professional home inspector.


This is why we recommend an in-depth inspection. A home inspector is going to find something wrong even if the home is a new construction. Inspectors, like attorneys, will always find an issue. They have been hired to do so.

When buyers and sellers negotiate the issues found in an in-depth home inspection, they will pay the most attention to safety and maintenance issues. It will depend on the individual transaction as to what fixes the buyer asks the seller to make or whether they ask them to make any repairs at all.

If the issues that are significant or specific enough, it may be time to hire a specialized professional to take a look. Using the example of a home with electrical problems, you may want to have an additional inspection performed by an electrician.

Any repairs that need to be made will typically be done within the due diligence period before closing.

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.