How do you get the home you want in our ultra-competitive Salt Lake City market? Here are the nine tips we impart to our buyer clients that help them secure the best homes at the lowest interest rates: 

1. Get a pre-approval letter. This way, you can start your home search with money already in your pocket. 

2. Have your finances in order. This means your earnest money should be ready. 

3. Have a personal letter ready to send to the seller. This letter explains to them who you are outside of just a potential buyer.

4. Rely on your agent. They know the home values, transaction deadlines, and how to make your offer competitive. They’ll also have the necessary contractors and vendors lined up. 

5. Don’t change your employment status. Try to stay at your current job. 

6. Don’t make any large purchases. On a related note, don’t apply for credit in a bunch of different places. This changes the amount of debt you have, which can cause lending issues.

7. Don’t make large deposits into your account. This only creates a paper trail that you’ll have to explain to your lender. 

8. Don’t cosign on anything. Additionally, don’t spend any of the money you’ve set aside for closing. 

9. Don’t delay providing information to your lender. They rely on this information to serve you!

If you have more questions about buying a home in our market or there’s anything else I can help you with, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m here to help.