Today I am sharing five decorating and staging tips to help maximize the value of your home.

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Did you know that 63% of buyers will actually pay more for a move-in ready home? Decorating and staging your home can improve its look and feel. To help you maximize the value of your property, I am going to share five home decorating and staging tips for you to think about.

1. Make repairs to the home. There are always a couple of repairs that need to be made. I love to say “pick five.” Sometimes there’s a baseboard missing, a light is missing, or a window is cracked. Find five things that need to be fixed, because fixing them will make your home look well-maintained.

2. Make sure your home is white-glove clean. Your property should be spotless, both inside and out, and free of odors, as well.

3. Look at the colors in your home. People love neutral colors. Paint over the large red wall that was once a great look with a neutral color. It is going to make it feel bright and will help modernize your home. Fresh coats of paint can also help your home smell like it’s brand new.


4. Declutter your home. After we have already done some work and added color, you need to declutter. You either want to toss it, give it, or prioritize it. If there are things that you haven’t touched in the last two years, you probably aren’t going to use them again and can instead get rid of them.

Less is more, and the more belongings you have, the more cluttered your home will feel. When you do stage your home, think about the buyer. If your home is in an area where 90% of the buyers are going to have kids and potentially a baby, consider putting a cradle in a room. If it is going to be a business executive that might buy the home, make a room an office.

5. Depersonalize the home. Get rid of the religious photos and the collections. I also think that you should get rid of the personal photographs. The reason that this is important is that while you may worship Dale Earnhardt, not everybody does. You want to make it so that every consumer that goes in there can see what the home is and not what you love.

If you have any additional questions about staging or would like a full list of staging recommendations, please feel free to contact us and we can get that to you. And, as always, if you are looking to buy or sell, reach out to us by phone or email. We would be happy to help.