When we go through our home staging success plan, we talk about four things: curb appeal, kitchen, bathrooms, and amenities. Today I’m discussing the amenities part of the plan.  

Amenities are crucial firstly because we want to differentiate your property from the rest. We want to showcase your amenities to their fullest. Amenities can be many different things; every home has what a standard house should have, but think about the extra things your home may have, such as a balcony, fantastic views, a pool, a 3-car garage, a great full-kitchen remodel, double ovens, a huge porch, etc. We showcase differentiation, interesting items, and are trying to attract people interested in these particular amenities.

“We want to differentiate your property from the rest.”

Everyone likes different things, and 64% of buyers will pay more for a move-in ready home, so if we’re showing that it’s move-in ready with their wants or needs, they’ll be even more attracted to your home. When preparing your property for sale, we’ll of course mention the amenities in everything written about the home, but we’re also making those areas look great. If you have a pool or a balcony, we’ll put chairs and a little table there to highlight the area, if you have a stellar front porch, we might put more plants on or around it. Any time you have amenities, we take the time and effort to clean, prepare, and showcase them properly. 

All this helps us bring in the best buyers for your property. If you need any help with staging or preparing your property for sale, let us know by phone or visiting our website. We’re here to assist you.